"How to Systematically and Consistently
Attract First-Rate Clients"

If you're a consultant, coach or sell a product with an expertise component...
If you're good at what you do, work hard at your marketing, but it's still not adding up to a consistent flow of ideal clients, I'd bet:
  • You get stuck looking for more and more information - thinking there must be some nugget of knowledge you're still missing.
  • You feel unfocused.  You're often pulled in different directions, because you don't yet have total confidence in a single plan.
  • You're at a point where you've decided it's time.  Something has to change.  You're too good at what you do to be struggling to attract great clients.
If that's where you are, you need this 'Manual.'  In it you'll learn:
  • You already know enough.  More information is not going to bring you the clients you want.  You'll quickly see how to stop collecting information and start creating income.
  • How a small change in the way you think about what you do will instantly make you an object of interest to your ideal clients - and draw them to you.
  • Clients are drawn to confidence. You'll see exactly how to market yourself with a plan that infuses you with confidence - by doing only a few focused things that work.
If you deserve more and better clients so you can make a bigger impact and earn more, this 88 page manual will open your eyes to what the top 1% are doing - but usually don't understand how to teach.

Get it now... before we put the $97 price tag back.
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